Sunday, December 28, 2008

families families are so fun

We don't have to visit as many families as Four Christmases (unless you count friends as family... which we sorta do...) but we do have to share our time between lots of parents and babies. We especially love the babies - so there are more pictures of them than anyone else.

Ella with our nephew kitty Jynx (he belongs to Melina and Spencer)

Julia wearing my new winter boots

Noelle and Heidi (my SILs) with their cute baby girls.

Landon - he is a superman cowboy, and so flippin' adorable.

little girl Ella... so cuddly

this is mother DaNell

and this is DaNell's home-made taco shell deliciousness. {we LOVE them}

this is gf Cassie and my little hermano Mark (he is turning into a cowboy... hence the new hat. Plus, he spent Christmas in Star Valley, Wyoming - so he needed this to fit in.}

Little Landino and his big blue eyes

this is my sister (and fellow photo-taker) Melina

and this is my BIL Spencer w/ his baby kitty Jynx

We spent the next evening at my Dad's house with Ken, Kim, and the rest of the family. I don't have many pictures of that evening - but we did make sure to take full family photos both nights.

Ken & Kim (aka my dad's side of the family)

all of us with my mum

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  1. OH, Cassie and Heidi!!! There little boy is SOOO Cute!!!
    WOW, tell them I said hello...

    and I am so happy that your christmas was wonderful!