Sunday, December 14, 2008

angel's landing

One of the hikes we do almost every time we go to Zions is Angel's Landing. It is 5 miles, a good work-out, and Matt yells at me at least 3 times to get away from the edge of the cliff. Oh, and there are chains to hold onto at the narrow parts of the hike - it always freaks Matt out. Always. So since Shawn and Melissa had never done this hike before, it was necessary for us to show them the ropes. And we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather! Not kidding, the weather angels were on our side for the entire weekend.

Isn't this picture of a spider web cool? I thought so. Especially because there was no spider [yuck.]

We are so thankful we went, because it's always a good idea to go to Southern Utah in December. Especially to hike in the most beautiful of landscapes while hanging with friends. *fabulous*

PS - we went to church... and while we were waiting for the slow pokes to get ready... we took some silly pictures. i love him.


  1. thanks for commenting. i love comments. we were at kurt bestor on friday too! didn't you just love it. love your style by the way!

  2. Angel's Landing scares me to death too Matt.
    I climbed it once, and although it was a beautiful sight at the top- I remember thinking: "It seems like a lot of people would die on this trail."