Friday, November 21, 2008

we need those muscles in order to crochet.

Last night amidst good food, great TV, and delightful friends, Matt and I crocheted for 4 hours straight. We both woke this morning complaining about sore muscles (apparently crocheting takes fore arm, shoulder, wrist, and finger strength like you wouldn't believe.) Matt says this adorable "aaandd TURN" every time he finishes a row, and despite it being his first time in the yarn department, he managed to pick the UGLIEST yarn on planet earth. Or at least in the Walmart we purchased from. Oh well... his rows are straight, tight,and even, so what more can a girl ask for really*? Pictures will come later when our projects are finished**

*a little brother that can make sweaters, bags, and beanies immaculately (love you Mark)
**if we ever finish them... because sometimes a scarf is just too big of a project.

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