Thursday, September 4, 2008

something awesome.

This is what happens when 2 white kids joke around at an Ecuadorian ward talent show. (And when I follow along with Matt's crazy plans.) But we don't think they totally got it, because they thought we danced great - and no one was really laughing but us (and our Utah friends.) And the fab men dancing to MJ with Matthew are from the elder's quorum. It was quite a spectacle. All this brought to you by our ipod, speakers, and a passion for N'Sync... We love you Barrio Tarqui. I hope you all laugh.


  1. you should really consider going professional. Good work!

  2. That was too funny! You two are really talented! :) I agree with Amy!

  3. I have only one phrase for you. So You Think You Can Dance--Season 5. And I have only one question: Why are you two so cool?