Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a smidgen on preparedness ...

I love being prepared. It's just something I do, like to do, and always always try to be. I also try to be laid back, but mostly I like to be prepared. I had the nick name as "the mom" of the group amidst my friends because I would double check and make sure everyone had everything they needed for snowboarding, or a party, or anything else that we were doing. It's just something I try to do. Matthew calls me the Queen of over-checking, because I'm obsessively re-checking everything when we are packing... and making check lists... and then checking them again with him (and it drives him crazy.) So I am assuming that everyone now understands how important it is for me to be prepared. And when an occasion arrives and I am not ready for it, then it throws me off balance and I dive head first into a swirly abyss. Okay, over dramatization, but let's just say it throws me off my groove. Don't take this over-preparedness as an unwillingness to be spontaneous, or clever, or go-with-the-flow during situations, but you can always find me with a water bottle in my purse, something to snack on, chap stick, and extra pairs of shoes/flip-flops/sweaters/pants in the car. Call me crazy, but I call it prepared.

There are some situations (good and bad) that you just can't always prepare oneself for... and here are a few that have affected us as of late...

*Seeing your niece on her blessing day, and really really really thinking she is the cutest thing you have ever seen. (and then realizing that you say that about any kid you come in contact with) But Ella really did steal the show on her day.*Finding 3 dresses that are in your size, on the clearance rack, and adorable for only $10 a pop. Fabulous thing to be unprepared to find.

*Fighting with loved ones, giving and receiving hurtful words, and the ensuing awkwardness when trying to find the vocabulary to make-up and forgive.

*Moving your bed into the laundry room because your basement room at your Mother's house has flooded. And learning about how to un-flood a basement and dry it out over a period of days. (and for not ever having this experience before- Matty & DaNell performed with flying colors!)

*Realizing that you think your husband is SEXY when his hair fits into a pony tail. I knew I liked long hair... but who knew I'd react so well to the pony. That's hot.
*Fitting a car seat into your new car, only to realize you are not ready to have one as a permanent fixture in there. (we were babysitting- not prego.)

*Becoming aware that no matter what people say, think, or judge... you like having one single dread in your hair because it makes you remember your hippie heart. And it gives you hope that one day you might be able to commit all the way.
*Suddenly realizing that you miss Brady (and Meg) when he is working in El Paso, Texas, and you dont see him enough. But glad we got to spend one day with him at Oktoberfest. *Remembering 10 minutes before Church starts that you forgot your Sunday clothes at your parent's house and you have to make-shift an outfit in order to be on time. Yes... he looked like a bum, but he got sweet compliments on his alpaca/llama socks... hand made in Peru thank-you-very-much.

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