Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Facts of Life.

While riding in the car yesterday...

C: So I need you to design this cute card I thought of today for a baby shower.

M: Okay... or I could help you learn how to do it yourself.

C: No, that's okay. You're better at it, and it's just easier this way.

M: Ok, sure. I can do that for you.

C: Oh, and also hun, I have this great idea for an etsy shop we could open. You design stuff, and I do all the internet stuff.

M: So are you using me for my talents?

C: Well not really, it's like we're doing half and half.

M: I am feeling a little used.

C: Well you can't. I'm your wife and this is how it works. I tell you what to do, you do it, and then we both win.

M: So this is out of love then...? Or the chains that you put on my balls when we said "i do"?

1 comment:

  1. This is hilarious. I think Matt takes orders a lot better than Dan. I found your blog via Megan's, which made me super happy. I need regular doses of your humor. Stay in touch!