Wednesday, September 10, 2008

busy busy

It has been a great/busy couple of days... and here are some photos to recap a bit of it.
Tyler and Marie were married on Friday and it was great :) We love you guys.

(thanks for some of the pics Bryan)

Matthew introduced a few of us to ATMOSFEAR... VHS version from like the 1990s... and it truly was terrifying. And the overuse of the word "maggot" and "oooorrr" will haunt my mind forever.
And what is the best way possible to end a weekend? A Practice Thanksgiving with my hermanito, of course. Mark-o and Cassie put on an excellent party, and the 22 lb bird was cooked to perfection. I think there was more food there than any actual Thanksgiving I've been to. Well done you cute kids.

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