Saturday, September 6, 2008

Blog Lift.

With the start of our favorite season - Fall - I thought it would be time to give our blog a well deserved face lift. Matthew has provided a new banner (that won't load... so hopefully it will come later) and continues to amaze me with his designing talents. A link to his business website is now on the new left side bar- so if anyone is looking for any sort of artistic design, logo, illustration, or just something downright amazing for your blog, home, or business life, HE is your man. And I am going to try to show my faithful readers (the few that actually tune in) some of the creative things that I am attempting to do with my life... and I say attempting because I sometimes chicken out when it comes to being creative. And also... if you would like to be on my link list of "fellow bloggers" please let me know. With a change in template I erased all my widgets, and despite my noble attempts to back them up before I actually changed anything, it didn't work and I lost them. So let me know.. otherwise, I won't go to your blog. So there's that.

One other thought I had while changing the blog was to add a counter. I see them on other blogs and some are thousands high (or more) and counting ... and I think to myself... "wow, they must be popular." So I added one 4 days ago and thought I'd try it out. It didn't work. Why, you ask? Because I am SO self absorbed blog-wise that I had like 10+ hits in one day from myself. So I took the widget off, because I would just be lying on my numbers. And that's lame.


  1. Hey, but at least you got the cool three-column layout done!
    P.S. Ninjabot Graphics is, like, the coolest business name ever.

  2. Carla G! I'll read yours if you read mine. Love the new layout by the way and can't wait to see the awesomeness of the banner.

  3. Haha, you got jipped to! You'll figure out something for yourselves. Thanks for the camping eqipt plug! For a second I thought it was going to be a diff site, not ours! Love ya