Saturday, August 23, 2008


Lagoon is a great place to go every couple years. Especially with a group of 12 people for Date Night. And when they have new rides like WICKED- where it rips so fast through the air that it leaves Matt's hair looking like this...We almost peed our panties because it was so scary, but very fantastic! Thanks for those who invited us... it was worth every penny. Especially to see Melina's enthusiam for gut-wrenching rides. Locos.


  1. Hello Carla, I am so glad that you found my blog. Now I can have another blogging buddy. My sister is going with ILP and I bet it would be way fun? Didn't you do that? Well looks like life is going well for you two. I am excited to keep up with the Thorups. Have fun.

  2. Carla and Matt, or more commonly refered to as CarAtt,

    How are things going? It looks like things are pretty good. I saw that you spent some sweet time in E country as you called it. FYI it actually took a lot for me to decide to leave you a comment. I'm jealous that you have the new iPhone. I want one bad, oh well I'll have to wait. Well I'll keep in touch. This is Meg's pretty cool husband Aaron by the way. Yeah, I've got a blog too. Take that.