Saturday, August 9, 2008


Who actually knows what the world "normal" implies, but I suppose that's what Matt and I are attempting to be now that we are back in Utah. We are back to work, back to friends and family, back to family summer vacations, back to living at DaNell's house, and back to all the other stuff that comes with living somewhere. It hasn't been the smoothest transition because on the outside everything seems the same (except slightly skinnier!), but on our insides we feel a bit different... but slowly I think we are coming around to our form of normalcy. We have our moments of missing Ecuador and South American living, but then we have blessed moments where we are so glad to be home. We spent an excellent weekend at Lake Powell, we bought ourselves a new car (pictured below.. and we are in love with it), and this week we have the fabulous wedding of Rac and Jason to attend. Adjusting always takes some time, but I think with all the fun things we have going on with our family and friends that we will feel at home again in no time at all. And if anyone wants to speak Spanish with us, we'd love that because we actually kind of miss it. Especially at church.

This is our new Mazda CX-7, road trip anyone?

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  1. ok so.... I LOVE your new car! really I love the cx-7! good choice, how about you take me for a ride in it sometime soon?haha, I'm glad to hear things are well.Did Matt ever get ahold of Axiom? Keep in touch