Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mr. and Mrs...

My last BFF to wed has come and gone... and it was a splendid event. Rachel Draper (aka Rac) married Jason Butterfield on Aug 12th, and here are a few photos of the wedding dinner/reception. I wish I had more of all the bridesmaids together with the dresses and the horrific shoes we had to wear, but I didn't pull my camara out until the reception... and the shoes were long gone 10 minutes after the ceremony. I am sure some people are thinking... of course they would all be married by the time they are 23, let's look at their facts: they are LDS, they are girls, they live in Utah, and they are all sheep. But I don't even care one bit about those stats. Marriage is the best thing that Matty and I ever did, and I think I can say that stands true with most of my friends. If you are one of those people from the first catagory of thought, it's okay you feel that way. You aren't alone. But as I've said before, and I'll say it again... Marriage kicks-A, So here's to the last of us girlies to get hitched! Congrats you two!

And as a side note... some of my pictures are a little fuzzy... it's because I was using a high tech camera that I didn't totally know how to use and I'm an amateur photographer. Everyone looked beautiful still!


  1. I thought the photos looked great!

  2. she looked so pretty. it was great seeing you!!