Sunday, July 27, 2008

We are living in a material world...

and I try not to be a material girl (or boy), but this week it feels like we have been a little bit. But before we get to that stuff ... SURPRISE! We are back in hometown SLC! We had the best time traveling, but we only LIKED living there, we didn't LOVE it... so we came home! We had some fun surprising family and friends since most of them didn't know the date we were arriving in town, but first we rushed to Cafe Rio the hour we got home to finally eat some delicious food, and then Wendy's later on that night. It's nice to get the important things out of the way... :) We are glad to be home, especially because we get to hang out with these cute niños...

They are so freakin' cute! Oldest to youngest, Landon, Julia, and new baby Ella and we loved and cuddled and played with them all night! It is definitely the highlight of being close to home. So for now the blogging will be brought to y'all from Utah, but we still have some killer photos and videos from Ecuador that we will just need to share for the sake of the readers in future posts. Here are a few pics of the events that have happened over the past few days.

A view from the plane ride home over Ecuador... we are going to miss those clouds.
We have been spending our time shopping for new clothing, getting our 'hair did', and trying to look less like wandering hippies (even though it is the true desire of our hearts.) And Matt is keeping the beard for a while... we like it still.
Oh... and we bought iphones... because let's face it, would Matthew have ever stopped talking about it until he had one of his own? No. So it was worth it for the peace of mind it gives me. And let's be honest, they really are pimp. Photos brought to you by our iphones, actually.
So there it is, we have returned to Utah and we are happy and connected. Would you like to hang out with us? Because we are positive we would like to hang out with you. Let's get in touch and swap stories of the past 4 months because we both know we want to. Stay tuned for some really cool videos from Baños!


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  2. welcome home!! we are longing for some friends so lets play!!!

  3. Welcome back to the material world of the USA...and Utah of course, even though I'm not actually there to welcome you back, or hang out with you.