Saturday, July 12, 2008

peru or iphone?

Matt is an addict. A gadget addict. He actually said if he could go home yesterday (the 11th) to stand in line for a new iphone 3G he would leave Peru in a heartbeat. What a silly boy. But I don´t blame him, because we had 2 days of really long, hard, sick bus rides. After a few trips to the bathroom and cursing ourselves for not taking a dramamine before the trips, we recovered and are moving on to bigger and better places. We are off to Lake Titicaca today, and we made sure to buy some Alpaca made sweaters (and gloves, and socks, and hats...) because apparently it is going to be cold at the lake! We haven´t slept in the same hotel or city twice because of how little time we have and how much we want to see, so we are busy busy lil´ peruvianos. Lots of pictures to come when we are reunited with our Mac, but until then... just imagine :)

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  1. CARLA??? Hello! It's been so long since I've seen you! I think Megan's wedding was the last time and you were engaged! You and your husband look like you've having some ADVENTURES! That is so awesome! Well check out my blog and say hello K!

    Heidi Taylor aka Mossy in my Posse :)
    do you remember that?