Thursday, July 24, 2008

Highlights II (Peru)

Peru was our busiest destination, but it was well worth all the traveling and long nights. And yes we are wearing the same clothes like all over the place, but that's what you get when you only bring 4 shirts for 5 weeks. Anyway...

Our first stop (after flying to Lima from Tumbes) was Pisco/Paracas area. It is on the coast of Peru, and was hit hard last Aug 2007 from an earthquake. This is me sitting in the crack from the earthquake- slowly the desert coast is falling into the ocean from the trembles last year.
Also in Paracas are the Islas Ballestas, and we saw dolphins, sea lions, tons of birds, and penquins! It was really cool.. and I'm wearing the hood because I didn't want to be guano'ed.
Next stop was Nazca, famous for the Nazca Lines. They were impressive, even though it was too foggy to fly in the plane :( We saw them from a tall tower though. This one is called The Hands.
This is a Condor flying in Colca Canyon, which is in southern Peru, and one of the deepest canyons in the world. VERY PRETTY.
And Matt bought some Alpaca wool made stuff... he looks hot.
In Arequipa they have really cool architecture, and this was one of the coolest churches we saw. It kinda reminds me of something you'd see in Jerusalem... but we could see 2 volcanoes from the roof top, so that was neat. We often had problems with bus windows NOT working... so when they did, Matt was pleased.
These are the floating islands on Lake Titicaca, which are really cool to look at, but we were super disappointed because of how exploitative and touristy the islands have become. It was a bitter sweet experience there, but very beautiful.
We love the Andes Mountains :) Majestic and Powerful beasts.
Salinas has naturally made salt mines by the Inca's, they were really quite the smarties.

And finally... THE PICCHU. (aka Machu Picchu)

It was SO incredible, like you can't explain the enormity of it and the skill it would take to build it unless you've been there and seen it with your own 2 eyes. It really was unbelievable, and I'm just so glad we got to visit it (even if it broke the bank because how flippin' expensive it was!)
And finally, our last stop was in Lima at the Lima Temple. We felt really under dressed to enter since we only had our traveling clothes, but the people were nice and let us in anyway. Especially because Matt thinks Chacos are holy.
From Lima we flew back to the border, crossed back into Ecuador, and after one last (terrifying) bus ride full of white knuckles, speeding, cliffs, police barricades, and silently uttered prayers... we made it back to Cuenca safe, with all of our stuff, and very exhausted. We are so glad to have seen all of the wonderful things we've seen, but also glad to be resting and recoopin', and especially glad not to be on any more buses. Woo!


  1. Isn't Peru amazing?? We loved it there! Sorry you weren't able to do the sobre vuelo in Nazca, it was pretty scary but worth it. I hope you guys are having so much fun and staying healthy. When do you come back?

  2. Wow... Is all I have to say. Where all did you visit? How long were (or are) you gone? To visit all of those places would be so neat! That's so cool that you guys are able to do all of that!