Friday, June 6, 2008

Things about Matthew.

Matthew is THE most creative person I know. And since we've been here in the E country, he has had more time to himself without distractions ('s) to improve upon his already impressive list of skills. He has started working in Photoshop more...

and he made his first animation in Flash! So great!

Isn't it so clever! This is the first of SO many more from the talented buggar.
And of course, he is already an expert when it comes to Illustrator, so he doesn't need to practice that because he's so fantastic right now!

Also being here in Ecuador, I've had an opportunity to get to know more about this little boy that I married...

1. He HATES car alarms. Especially when they go off when you walk by the car, or in the middle of the night, or when certain Ecuadorians don't turn them off fast enough. (we are talking like 20 mins of a flippin' alarm.)
2. He HATES Chiggers. 100% detests those damn bugs. (excuse the language, but it's Dee Dee approved and necessary to express the level of hatefulness.)
3. He LOVES vintage cars. Especially VWs and old school Minis. He actually wants me to send a "shout out" to anyone in Utah or surrounding areas that may know of an old school Mini that he could get his hands on. So if anyone has any information about getting a car like this...
Please let us know. Thanks.
4. Matt wants a dog more than a baby. We were talking with our Bishop's wife, and he mentioned this to her just a few weeks ago. Also... one time he said "Carla, if you were pregnant and a dog came out instead of a baby, I wouldn't be disappointed." yeah... he really said that.
5. He plans on spending over $25,000+ on his "dream office" when we have a house of our own one day. And he has it planned out, almost to the T.

I'm sure there are more things I could say about this complex body and mind of a man, but I'll stop myself from continuing. Te quiero cariƱo


  1. wow that is talent. good job matt.

  2. There's nothing like moving to a new country to learn more about your husband...I'm glad your trip is serving a purpose.

  3. Mini Coopers. I do believe that there are five for sale downtown at this moment.