Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pancake Party & Beck

Sunday was Stake Conference (and it was wonderful!), and we happened to meet 3 nice young ladies from UTAH who are here for a few months doing some humanitarian service. Emily, Kimly, and Kristen are there names, and after the meeting on Sunday we all came back to our piso to cook pancakes! And might I say, they were Delicious! It's been over 2 months since we've had a nice pancake party (and by that I just mean eaten pancakes), and it was fun to catch up with people from the US and share with them The Office (since they missed the season finale due to being in Ecuador.) Also invited was this cute RM named Pablo, who wants to hang out with us to practice his English. He is very cool, and will probably be mentioned in future posts. They stayed for like 5 hours talking, eating, laughing, and speaking English. It was phenomenal. We are going to meet up with them in a week for the ward Temple trip. Very exciting stuff!

Also... the jovencitos (aka young men in the ward) have taken to calling Matt- Hermano Beck- because they all think he looks like the musician Beck. (both pictured below.) They even asked to take photos with him this week at church... to have proof that they know someone that looks famous. Or maybe they try to pass the photo off as meeting the real famous BECK... either way, Matt likes the nickname and I think it's cool. So we're kosher with it.
This is Matt (with one of the young men) posing as BECK
This is the actual rock star Beck. "Que onda guero?"

I can see similarities for sure, and now Matt is officially cooler with the church going young men. I also have wanted a reason to post this picture... I'll do so now... because I love you Matt, and think the world should see this. :) (taken a few months back...)

I don't even know which "look" I like the best... all I know is he is a funny boy. Props for that.

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