Sunday, June 15, 2008

el Templo!

Yesterday we had the excellent opportunity to go to the Guayacil Temple... and it was Fabulous! We arose at 4am to catch our bus, went through a beautiful National Park (Cajas), and almost 4 hours later we were in Guayacil. We were able to do a session (all in Spanish thank you very much), and attend two sealing ceremonies- one for this cute family, and the other for our friend Pablo's family. It was so incredible, and we can't wait to go again... maybe the Lima Temple next time?! Who knows, we are just so grateful for this experience. (And the sky changed dramatically while we were there.)

Also.. one note about Guayacil... we are SO glad we didn't choose that city to live in. It was HUMID, and HOT, and DIRTY. It was okay to visit, but thank goodness we don't live there. And random... this was a funny sign in the San Marino Mall in Guayacil. My name (Carla) + my mother's name (Danell). Hello, bizarre!

PS NOTE: Happy Father's Day to our own padres, and to all the other padres in the world! We love you guys. And... Papa Ken, Happy Birthday this week! How old are you now? :D

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  1. I think its so cool you went to the temple and got to experience a session in Spanish. I can't wait for Chile--we're planning a trip to the Santiago Temple and even though I don't speak Spanish I'm excited for it anyway!