Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Did we really settle on a plan?

So... after back and forth and back and forth and back and forth banter between Matt and myself, we've actually made a decision about what we are going to do this month.... Travel. We've been having all sorts of different plans come in and out of our brains about work, travel, home, and other countries, but tomorrow night after the Ward Talent Show (post to come at a later date, don't you worry!) we will be leaving for a month long travel adventure through Ecuador and Peru. Well, that is if our money or our time doesn't run out. We are looking forward to Otóvalo, Baños, El Naríz del Diablo, Montañita, Datus and Cheryl, and as much a we can possibly see of Peru. So wish us luck, and just know that blog posts will be slimmer from here on out, but don't worry, I'm way too much of a blog-a-holic to resist for a whole month! Nos Vemos


She was born on Father's day to my oldest brother and his wife, Casey and Heidi, (and their flippin' cute son Landon) and she has the perfect Glade nose so she'll fit right in! And look at all the hair! Ya te amamos, sin conocerte! Felicidades.


  1. That's awesome, good luck. We'll post some wedding pictures as soon as we get them.

    Be sure to go to Cuzco, Peru and see Machu Picchu. It's worth it.

  2. So, when are you going to have one of those? :)