Sunday, May 25, 2008

mailing address

If anyone needs to send us anything.. (wedding invites, care packages, letters... etc.) you can send it to the school I am teaching at:

Carla Thorup
CEDEI- Depto de Ingl├ęs
Casilla 597
Cuenca- Ecuador

Don't send anything too expensive, just in case it gets lost :) And just make sure my name is clearly on the package. I also ran into a high school friend here in Cuenca and she said she got a round-trip ticket from LAX to Quito for $400 thru COPA Airlines. Not too shabby! Come see us.


  1. The real question is.... is our dog bella on the internet now? (how did you get that picture?)

  2. We weren't able to do the whole trail because of time and you do have to book waaay in advance. Our guidebook was pretty helpful in that area with trains and buses. We had to practically beg our way onto the train. It's amazing though you will love it!

  3. Hey Carla! I saw your comment on Amy's page and it's always fun seeing everyone's blog. So why do you live in Equador? That's so cool, it looks like you're having a good time. I think the last time I saw you was at the stake presidents office before we got married didn't we get married the same day? Anyways my blog is private so if you want to check it out email me your email mine is Good luck with everything!