Wednesday, April 23, 2008


An example of the beautiful clouds here
Matt in our "sitting area" reading. He's so handsome.

Cuenca's rainy season is in April and May, and might I just say that we love it! It rains while the sun is out and the showers come at the most sporadic moments. It reminds me of Utah rains, except that it lacks the nice smell that always comes when the Rain starts. It's really bizarre... because that is one thing that I absolutely love about rain, but here it will just start sprinkling without any hint of smell. But the Clouds... oh boy... they are something to see. Now I'm not sure that science would agree with me, but I think there are more clouds here than in Utah. They are like full and luscious mountains in the sky, and within 5 minutes time it can go from sparkling white clouds to the darkest gray, and then back to white again in another 5 minutes. Very enjoyable to watch.

This week Matt has started working again, and I am still applying at some jobs. I should hopefully know by the beginning of next week whether I can start tutoring at a school, and we're also looking into some of the orphanages around town to do some service because the kids here are adorable. Also, we played Basketball at the church last night, and I don't think in the (almost) 7 years I've known Matt that he's ever sweat that much. It was like he just got out of a shower because he was completely soaked. Kinda gross, but mostly random. Luckily Basketball isn't the sport of choice for Ecuadorians, so none of them were super good and I felt pretty good about playing with all the boys. Matt's team won every time too, so that's a good impression... so next time we can really lay the smack down!

We've also found a new book shop here in town. Because Spanish shows are usually not that great, we don't watch TV often (except our fav USA shows that we can download -thank goodness) and we have now found ourselves with a lot of extra time when it gets dark outside, so we've started reading. I've already read 2 books and am in the middle of another one. Matt has just started a thrilling tale of conspiracies, so that should take him some time. We buy the books like we can own them, but we get a $2 credit whenever we bring them back. It's not the cheapest method, but they have a huge selection of used English books since it is owned by a retired couple from the States. At least we know our minds will stay active. That's basically it for now, it's funny how normal it seems to be here in our own little apartment... just a new kind of normal in Ecuador. Fun stuff though!

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