Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just one more plane...

Well we made it to Ecuador! When we took off from SLC to fly to LA our spirits were high and we were ready for the long night ahead... little did we know it would turn out to be QUITE the night ahead. When we arrived in LAX we had to transfer airlines, which would mean checking in again. The rest of our flights were through LACSA air, which is THE airline for los latinos. We got to the counter, and figured we´d get the tickets from LA to Costa Rica, and then from Costa Rica to Guayacil, like our itineraries said. Little did we know that LACSA airlines is part of TACA airlines, and they like to make stops between the originally planned lay-overs.
So.. this is how our flight plan went... SLC to LA, LA to El Salvador, El Salvador to Costa Rica, Costa Rica to Quito, Quito to Guayacil, and Guayacil to Cuenca. In case you lost count.. that is 6 planes in 24 hours. It was a very long day, but we tried to stay in good spirits and the last plane we took it was SO GORGEOUS!!! It was basically like being in the middle of the best painting you´ve ever seen of the clouds and sunset together. One of those moments that we will never forget.
We´ve spent the first few days recoopin´ from the day of travel, and wandering around Cuenca appreciating the beauty and the people. The food has been very good as well. I still don´t have a job, but we did find an apartment today! More to come on that later, since we move in tomorrow and from then on out we´ll have the internet at our fingertips all the time.


  1. Hey Pine Creek buddies it looks like your adventure has really taken off again and again and again.........Carla, check into Taffy pulling, all you need is a sturdy peg nailed in your door way and you are in business, the cool thing is you can both work from home, but Matt might eat all your profits. It's great to hear that you are finally there and doing so well. Eat some Guinea Pig for us!
    We miss you all ready!
    Datus & Cheryl

  2. WHAT?!?!?!!!!!!11 MY MOM IS FROM ECUADOR!!!!!