Monday, April 28, 2008

Down came the FOG

On Saturday we went for a little excursion to Ingapirca, the largest Ecuadorian remains from the Inca Empire. It wasn't very big, but it was an excellent day outside and cool to learn more about the site. Apparently it was one of the last stops to the north that the Incan Empire travelled to from Peru for spiritual worship, and it was built in the 1400s. It took us around 2 1/2 hours to get there on a bus, but the drive through the Andes Mountains was awesome!

I always find the best way to get a picture on a historical site of Ruins is to jump. So we did.

This picture underneath is of the main "Sun Temple" on the site, and in the corner there you can see a man with a camera. They were making a documentary on the site, and we were asked to be in it as "tourists." I know.. I know... famous.
So we had been there for around 2 hours, and while we were waiting for our bus to leave the FOG/CLOUDS came down (since we are in the Andes) and it just started to pour rain. It was rad to see, especially from the dryness of the bus we were on. Here are a few photos of the oncoming fog...
This last picture you can barely make out the shape of the Sun Temple in the background, because literally it was totally covered by the clouds. Flippin' sweet!
Also, on the bus ride home Matt and I both wanted window seats, so we didn't sit next to each other and were able to sit by some Natives. I talked almost the whole way back with this delightful woman that said my Spanish was very well. I need to practice more, and that little bit of confidence helped. SO thank you to that woman on the bus, you helped me feel a little better about this foreign language I am trying to master.


  1. Hey Carla (and Matt)-
    I love your blog. I'm SO jealous. I'm stuck inside this stupid office. Melina is gone, and you moved...I'm dying here. The ruins look totally beautiful. Makes me wish I were somewhere else. Sounds like you're having a blast!
    Keep in Touch

  2. Carla!!!! Matt!!!!
    I just caught up on all of your fun adventures today... I know, bad friend right? It's okay though, I know you'll forgive me. It sounds like you guys are doing really well- yay! I love your little apartment... who knew it would look so normal?? I guess that's just me who has not lived in a foreign country. I'm like picturing dirt floors or something. Anyway, wow- what beautiful ruins! It's so green! I'm so glad that you are so diligent with blogging. How else would I be able to practically be with you this whole time? Ha, just playin. But it is fun to be able to live vicariously, even if it's just a little bit. I miss you guys already even though we didn't hang all the time. I hope you find a job soon Carla! Have a fantastic week!
    Ashley Bergi-berg :)

    P.S. Is this comment too long? It's my very fist blog comment ever... I don't exactly know the etiquette yet.

  3. Ash Bergi!! You got a blog site, now you just need to post on it and I'll be overwhelmed with love and excitement! And then I can totally post comments on yours, and No- that wasn't too long of a comment, if anything it makes my day to see comments on my posts! (thanks to you too Melissa! email coming shortly to your direction...) And yeah, no dirt floors... but that'd be a cooler blog post I think. I love you girl! And please post on your blog, you'll never regret it, I swear.