Sunday, February 24, 2008

Move # 1

This weekend Matt and I (with some lovely help from the Thorup Men) moved out of our condo. We are moving into my mother DaNell's basement until April 13th, when we make our big move to Ecuador. We packed up 5 bins full of our kitchen stuff, gave 4 garbage bags of clothes to D.I., and threw away loads of garbage. Basically we are just simplifying in order to make the Big Move in April. We now live in my lil' brother's room at my mom's house... glamorous, I know. We went from our Queen Mattress to a Full size, 700 Square feet to 250 Square feet, and a 12 foot closet to about a 2 foot one. And the biggest difference now is that we have a noisy roommate upstairs walking around and checking up on us. It's pretty liberating not to have too much stuff around us, since one of my cute friends Heide said that "after so long, your stuff starts controlling you." So True! So for now we have our clothes, backpacks, Mac computer (of course...) and each other. So we are now one step closer to Ecuador and our little adventure to begin!

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