Friday, February 15, 2008

Couple's Yoga!

Matt and I are members at Momentum Climbing Gym and we absolutely love it there! If anyone is even remotely interested in rock climbing, or if you need an activity that you and your friend/spouse/family/mom... (anyone) can do together, this is THE place. You'll never feel like you are in a testosterone peck flexing man zone like in Gold's Gym, so don't worry. Momentum is fantastic to meet new climbing friends, build your muscle strength, and they have a gym upstairs for your tread mill and lifting needs. And to get to the point of this entry, they offer Yoga Classes. Last night Matt and I went to Couple's Yoga and it was HILARIOUS! It was so entertaining to try to see Matt flex his legs and hold positions, but even more fun was to do it together in the most random positions! Don't turn your minds to the dirty side, because the instructors totally kept it clean. We did things I didn't even think were yoga postitions... we had to hold each other up, do head stands, and bend in so many different ways. And the best part was after we left the class, we both really wanted to go again and take real yoga classes because we had a riot together. So if you'd ever like to climb, yoga, or hang with us, please come to Momentum Climbing Gym... It's a perfect place to have all sorts of fun.

These are some photos of the positions we did... but definitely not as good... :)


  1. John! We don't know which blog to comment you back on, so we're leaving a comment on this to say hello back. Matt was fantastic at yoga, next wedding we see you at he'll show you his moves!

  2. Hey guys! I don't have a personal one. The Orgill Family one is the one with my brothers and sisters. My wife's is
    But I don't have a personal one as of yet. Perhaps I should.
    I'm taking a dance class right now :) And in my class is a yoga instructor.

    My class is more of a dance history/diversity course. It's really quite fascinating.

    Anyhow, good luck with moving!