Wednesday, November 15, 2017

payson guard station

We spent the first weekend in August having the best time at the Payson Guard Station with our cousin friends the Champs. Boys all got along swimmingly, we spent some time at the lake, ate delicious food, and had plenty of down time and some hilarious fireside chats hashtag2%. The moon was bright and the glamping was cush, and we can't wait to keep up these family vacations with the crew. Danno & Nellie know how to party (and Corbin and Sawyer are peas in the pod with EZ, Sully ,and Mo.) Also, never underestimate the power of good nights sleep on real mattresses inside cabins and then call it camping. The life.

Friday, November 3, 2017

go go halloween! power rangers 2017!

things i want to remember about this year:
the boys' undying love to power rangers and the commitment to this costume idea.
Samurai Power Rangers!
The mask making with Matt & the boys. It was fun for everyone & everyone helped.
EZ's enthusiasm and happy face during the school parade (he waved and waved!)
Sully and Moses playing nicely together while EZ was at school.
Visiting David at work to show off the 'stumes.
eating lunch with Matt and doing some trick or treating in the office (and Mo baby walking to every pumpkin happily confused when he got to pick a treat. and he kept going back to the easy ones he could reach even if it was the third or fourth time.)
Sully's enthusiasm for the Gatorade bottle.
after lunch cuddles and rest time on the couch.
delicious pork & rice dinner (and coaxing sully on every bite.)
the ninja fighting noises they made when in costume.
the beautiful pink sky before trick or treating.
Easton's happiness all night long for every part of the holiday.
they carried their own buckets and ran from house to house.
big smiles on all of the adults watching and sneaking reese's and almond joys.
Matt's pride about his lights syncing to music.
Josh fitting into a child's costume.
Emily and Jake & cute cowboy Paxton.
the rave with the finger flashlights to Thriller (fave part probably.)
Moses gettin' down to the beat the entire time.
Sully full on break dancing on the floor.
so many laughs.
good night hugs.
cuddles and Stranger Things.

bike riding & HP & EZ Red

Yesterday was special.

Well, it started terribly, but then ended nicely. EZ and I had a big 'ol fight where we both ended up crying and so frustrated at each other in the morning. I am trying to help him with something, but it is not in the right way and so he takes it as mean or something else and then he stops doing what we're supposed to be doing (guitar practice today, but this is a scenario that plays out often) and then I want to encourage him but instead we end up both being mad and the tasks don't get done and no one has any fun. Blah. Lame. Happens nearly the same with Matt too. Anxiety and not speaking the same language and learning curves on how to parent kids individually.

But then I text Matt to calm down and then we hug and say sorry and love you and all that, and we continue on with our day. EZ has been showing some real desire to ride a bike (we have a cousin trip coming up that he wants to prepare for) but when we try to ride it, he freaks out and cries and says he's too scared and thinks we're mean for making him do it. It's been frustrating and we've given up trying countless times because it always ends in tears and that's just not what it's about so we skip it and move along.

So yesterday I'm talking with a neighbor and she offers some advice and also a smaller bike (like, he's nearly hitting his knees to the handle bars small) but sure enough, we get the bike and run him up and down the street a few times and he's off! He simply does it and hasn't stopped doing it and it feels like we accomplished so much more than just a new skill since everyone was happy and stoked and all the good times were rolling! And all the anxiety that he was expressing (and mentally making so much worse) was gone and he was just happy. And he also understands he did a hard thing for him and he made it to the other side. Phew. Now we get to go pick out a new helmet after school today and he's pumped and proud of himself and it was a good milestone day around here.

And then it got better, because after bedtime Matt and I decided it was a perfect night to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with EZ since we finished the book recently (and we're strict in our house about reading all the books before watching the movies) so we sneak him out of bed after his brothers fall asleep and we get ice cream and popcorn and he sits between us on the couch and we get started on the show ... and he was SO FUNNY. He was legit mad about how much stuff they were leaving out (and he remembers EVERYTHING I swear it's amazing how much info he retains.) He kept saying "I hate this! Not really. But they missed so many of the details!" and he was so clammy with nerves while we were watching and he jumped at some parts, gasped at some, and then laughed hysterically at some too ... and it was all within the first 30 minutes because once he started hearing the voices in the walls EZ decided it was too scary to watch at nighttime and made us turn it off. Ha! So we watched an episode of Power Rangers (which he beyond loves right now) and then he went to bed. It was super hilarious and Matt and I were watching him and making excited eyes at each other most of the movie because it was so special and amazing and fun. It's so freaking fun to have kids!!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

all day outings are my jam

My best days are when I pack up the car and we go and do for at least 5-7 hours with friends or cousins. No schedule, nothing to do but play or sit or imagine. It's the best, and I've learned how to do it quite well. We push through annoying half hours, or tired/hungry kids and stay. Stay for as long as we last or maybe even pushing longer because we'll eventually find more to do if we just stay put.

Blackridge Res is one of Melina and my favorite places (and they closed it for the rest of the summer after this perfect day there because of potential bacteria in the water. Everyone was fine thank goodness, and we're so glad we got to stay and play because it was an excellent day for all.)

My Leopard Ladies attempted to gather once a week during the summer and we were pretty successful actually! One week we headed up to Ledgmere Camp site and stayed for hours playing cards and digging and throwing rocks and exploring. Kids were happy and we had a plethora of time to talk, so wins all around.

We also spent an afternoon at Classic Skating with Grandma Nell & cousins. Moses LOVED that stroller and it was the best thing I did by bringing it. He pushed it round and round the whole time and was pretty adorable when he lifted it up and over the curbs.

And one more fun day at a swimming pool with internet friends. I feel so lucky to know and love many women from different groups, and I always feel uplifted and stoked about life after we hang. And shout-out to Mo baby for sleeping wherever we went and being happy through it all. He's a fantastic kid and knows how to hang out with the best of us (even when it's not with a smile, but a reserved serious face that he's becoming famous for.) (Lisa, Annie, Danielle, Michelle, Annie, and Stacy!)