Saturday, October 22, 2016

EZ's eye surgery

Somewhere along the lines I've written about EZ's eyes, but he has a nerve syndrome called Duane Syndrome which means his brain makes his eyes wander and sometimes turns one of them off when he can't control both of them in order to see. The Dr thought it was time to do surgery to have the muscles override the brain and try to straighten them out, so it happened August 25th. What a nerve wracking situation to send your child in for surgery! Even for a minor eye surgery, let alone something more serious!! So much courage in parenting. EZ was brave and although he cried a little before we left for the hospital, he was calm and even excited once we arrived. He joked with the nurses and walked right in to the room holding the dr's hand like it was no big deal. He also said he "tricked them and didn't go to sleep... I just pretended!" when we asked how he liked the cotton candy air. Recovery was mostly okay after we got past the first night (he was so sick from all the drugs and wouldn't stop throwing up), but by the next morning he didn't seem to have much pain and besides being itchy & having to stop him from rubbing them, he was great. He actually didn't even notice his eyes were red for a few days because he's 5 and doesn't look in the mirror that much! He came out of the bathroom one day and was like, "Mom! Why are my eyes so red!?" haha, it was pretty funny. He was seeing double (cross-eyed) for about two weeks but thought it was funny to say "Hey! There are two of you!" and would actually sort of joke about the fact that he was seeing double. After about a week we had to force him to calm down and take it easy because he felt restless, and eventually the redness went away and he's back to normal without the double vision. (His eyes were not normally so close together, so he had to re-train his brain with his eyes closer together. The doctor said we are about 80% straighter, and he might need another surgery down the road, but for now we're stoked with the results (and he's mighty fine looking with his new glasses as well.) We'll head back for a follow up after 6 months and see if it's affected his eye sight prescription much, but we're thankful it's over and it went extremely well.

Examples of what his eyes would do before the surgery when he wasn't focusing on something or even trying to look straight without tilting his head (he turns it to the side slightly to look straight.)
New glasses before the surgery
 Oh ... seeing him so tiny on the bed was such a moment I'll never forget. Poor puppy. Brave everyone in these situations.
 Thankfully it was outpatient and after a few hours of rest, we took him home.

 A couple days later above, a month later below. He still tilts his head to see straight and you can still notice some wandering, but not nearly as much. Plus, you probably won't notice anyway because he's so handsome ;)

summah summah summahtime

It was not always easy to take three kids out and about during the summer (especially near water when none of them can swim without their floaties) but we did it over and over with the companionship of friends and family. Moses is a good baby and he slept well in the stroller while we hit the pool for hours and thankfully went with the flow most of the time. EZ started jumping in by himself (with floaties) but each time we went he'd get braver and is getting more comfortable in the water. We planned weekly dates with my gal pals Melanie, Megan, and Krystal and spent a lot of time wrangling kids and chatting. 
 Matt's office took us all to Seven Peaks for a night (and I remembered how nervous I am on slides - and my boys did too. Bunch of cautious peeps in our crew.) Josh came with so Matt could have a brave partner for some of the steeper ones.

For Rac's 30th birthday a few ladies spent the day at Jordanelle paddle boarding, eating, and celebrating (even with crazy winds for the first part of the day.)

august 2016

August 2016 was hot and lazy and busy and full of a lot of regular days. Brothers hugging, friends hanging out (Olive & Moses), and a lot of cute faces for Mo baby (and crossed ankles! he does that often and it's great.) My sister Melina blessed her baby #4 Everest and we played with a lot of Star Wars toys. 
I didn't blog much about it, but right after Moses was born Matt started a new job at Chair! He actually started chatting with them in November, did some testing & some interviews throughout the winter, and was offered a position to start after our baby was born. It was a very exciting time for all of us (although yes, we were very sad to leave Disney behind) but he's really excited about his new gig and so are we for a variety of reasons. It was a very fortuitous situation and we feel very thankful since a few months after he accepted this new position, Disney closed the SLC studio. It's been good to see Matt in a new position and taking on new roles. They made Infinity Blade which is what the boys are holding here ;)
 Lazy days and zoo days and doctor appointments and growing boys all around (Sully is fighting naps but falling asleep in strange places because of it.) We celebrated grandpa's birthday with cousins and spent time swimming the days away with other cousins.
EZ started soccer and he was brave and crazy the first game (but the season as a whole was a bit rough... ha. they all tried hard but never really caught on with how to play!) There were funny online videos and bath times and even a Boyz II Men concert on the very last day of the month where I didn't grasp that all my friends would have matching shirts and so I was the black sheep. (It was a great concert though! So fun to sing along with the 90s again!)