Friday, March 3, 2017

the big white bed (pt. 3)

the big white bed has grown bigger
both in size and in carrying weight.
there are five who now need the comfort
early mornings and staying up late.

the newest no longer a newborn
but still baby nevertheless;
two older boys getting taller
their limbs ever growing endless.

yet continue the snugs and the cuddles
the laughter mingled with tears,
a safe place to talk and to wonder,
to dream and express muddled fears.

ever onward in gathering lovers
the babies the children the wed,
stalwart in comfort and romance
long live the big white bed.

(pt. 2, pt. 1)
{march 2016 vs march 2017}

Saturday, February 25, 2017

just shy of THREE, Sully bear

this kid. we love him. reminds us of Chris Farley, has a nice solid vocabulary and voice, and loves his back scratches and tight tight hugs. just a snippet since his birthday is next week 

a very ninjago V-day

This year officially starts the Valentine Boxes for our family as EZ needed one for Preschool, but I do have to say we loved doing it and it's one thing that Matt will always help and therefore they will always look good ha! Lego Ninjago is big around the house, so that's what we went for (and they'll double as decorations for Sully's Bday what up.) They showed them off to everyone who came over and they're still showing up as a centerpiece on our table.

Valentine's brought special breakfast and candy and cool heart glasses. Matt handed WWE Valentine's out at work and it was a real good joke for us, and we laughed til we cried over some of the absurdity of our joke skills later that night.
I took the boys swimming that afternoon at an indoor pool, then EZ went to his rock climbing class before we shared heart shaped pizza & rootbeer and watched Matilda as a family all snugged on the couch. And Matilda the movie holds up! I remember loving it and EZ loved it too (and Sully did but was nervous for some of it so he likes to talk about that instead.) Matty and I snuck out on the 13th for a Sushi lunch date and even did some love spreading with a giftcard and some trickery. Heeeeeeeeyyyyy ;) Little loveheads.

january january what did we do

Beginning of the year gave Matt a few days off (well, Christmas break did that I guess.) We went to Curiosity Museum (Matt's first time) and Mo's first time getting soaked on the bebe table. We baked some treats together, did some digging with Grandpa & cousins for gems, and took turns going sledding with the big boys. 

EZ had a follow up eye appointment and his eyes look good after his surgery 6 months ago, we're about 80% straight (he may need another later on in life), but for now he's all chill about it with that cool pose. We got hit with a lot of good storms, so we were outside hitting the winter fun hard.  EZ climbed to the very top of a route at his rock climbing class, so he earned the reward of a cold stone date, and sully and moses enjoyed the benefits. Moses learned to climb the stairs with a cheering section every time. And we ran regular errands like oil changes and grocery store runs and all the stuff that fuels life.
 Sully continues his streak of falling asleep everywhere but his bed, Mos puts his foot up on the highchair that baby EZ did all the time (Sully never did! so funny!) and everyone got some trips to their hair, but we don't have the heart to cut it short yet so long and ragamuffin they stay! Eyebrow appointments and dentist appointments and EZ really showing up to his selfie game this month too. Also, a hearty snowman was built with the TLC from Matt and EZ (and Sully but not really because he was busy doing weird stuff or eating the snow.) Grandma Nell also made Harry Potter accessories for all the bears they received last year, much to all of the grandkiddies delight. And EZ started wrestling on the HHS Jr. Wrestling team with his friend Talon (and mostly likes it for the hang out and the sharks vs minnows game, but also actually wrestles and is pretty good too.)

Matt's birthday was this month and we also headed off to our California trip the end of this month too. Twas a good one indeed.