Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Turkey day 2K14 was a huge success. Also, all the kids these days are writing it 2K14 instead of 2014 and I've sort of picked it up and am wondering if I should drop it right away? I'm probably too old for that now that I'm 29. An adult, after all.

We played hundreds of rounds of HH Hippos after delicious cinnamon rolls followed by baths and naps while Matt and I made some dishes for the feast later. EZ and I used his new awesome glue to do some crafting before we headed over to the Thorup house for a thankful family dinner. Ces & Deej came to town and Easton baby joined in the fun! Sadly we missed the Meg & Brady family because Leo was sick as a dog, but we thought about them.  
Right as we were gathered around watching a riveting YouTube clip of Shia Labeouf (THANKS Brissa!) we heard some very familiar jingle bells.... and EZ WAS STOKED. Like, so so happy. Grandpa and Bibi were so generous to plan such a fun evening! Sully loved it and then DIDN'T. But he did have quite a rough poop day... bless his bum. Not enough, too much... this kid can't get it straight. But anyway, Santa! Mrs Claus! It was fun.

aaaaaaaand now it's December and Christmastime! 

Monday, December 1, 2014

family family in october

Our niece, Lucy, was blessed at the beginning of the month. Sully and Lucy are 4 months apart and we hope they are better friends than their older siblings (3 months apart and sort of really good at bickering. Ha.) 

Emily and Jake welcomed squishy baby Easton in the middle of the month! His little heart needed extra attention & surgery during his first week, but he's like the sweetest little man and is so strong!!

And then at the end of the month, my mom & Warren decided to go down to the court house and get married! No frills and pretty straight forward just like my mom, but she let us get excited for it! And all the grandkids (even Mark & Cass & Porter on FaceTime!) were there to cheer them on (but mostly make noise and photo bomb ha.) They're a solid pair and we're stoked they're hitched!

halloween 2k14 - the year of Pan

EZ won Halloween this year around our house. He named the skeleton door "funny face", chose all of our costumes, and owned the role of Peter Pan like a true hero. I mean, Sully has Tiger Lily? Pretty genius. And he loves Pan's shadow so much, Matt made that dream come true (and he wore it ALL day at work, and like took Trax by himself and everyone kept calling him a "dark elf?" or something and I like that he does stuff like that because he's a good dad but also mostly because he likes Halloween.)

 We trick or treated and partied hard and it's so fun to have kids.
Oh! And Rac and Van came over to show how we dressed a like even though we didn't plan it. The kids were totally stoked about it, obvs.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

a sunday night for the books (a magical night from 2013)

My mom offered to put EZ to sleep at the hotel so we could sneak off to Disneyland for a few hours that Sunday night. Monday morning our whole family would be going over, but we thought it would be fun to sneak in to see Fantasmic and sneak around holding hands. Matt had officially been hired as a Disney artist for only 30 days and most days, you could still find us giddy about the whole thing.

We walked to the entrance hand in hand with wide eyes as we approached the gate, employee I.D. in hand. The man scanning Matt's card was very sweet, and when he handed us our tickets he enthusiastically said "Ah! CM! Chief Mouse!" (when really CM means "Cast Member.") The whole experience was unreal to walk in free of charge. We rounded the corner and stopped to take in Main Street and the giant Mickey pumpkin. Halloween season had just begun, and there were villains milling about the entrance as well as a line to meet Mickey and Minnie! We headed toward Critter Country through Frontierland, sauntering slowly with huge stupid grins of course, to see if we could find a nice view for Fantasmic. We even snuck in a ride on the Haunted Mansion since we had some time!

I saw an opening on the back row of a standing section and we parked ourselves there to wait for the show. Matt saw a VIP sign and decided to go check it out. He talked to the woman there and asked if there were any special seats for Cast Members, but she said unfortunately not. She then proceeded to ask him where he worked (assuming it was the park) but when he responded with "the Salt Lake Studio" she immediately went, "Oh! A studio! Let me see what I can do." Matt retrieved me from the standing section only to be led to the front of the VIP reserved sitting section!! It was incredible!!! We sat next to a small birthday party of Club 33 members and smack dab in the center of the waterfront. The staff members treated us like royalty and the show started minutes later. We both teared up a few times during the show because we just felt so lucky and grateful to be there (both physically at D-land and also metaphorically "there" at Matt's new job). But when that riverboat full of all the characters waving at us floated past at the end of the show, I lost it. Huge tears rolling down my face because I just felt SO MUCH. And it really was freaking magical. The characters and good overcoming evil and Mickey and fireworks and VIP and studios and churros afterward...! It will not be a night I ever forget because those feelings were so good. Matt and I clutching each other and crying happy tears because we just felt it all. And on our way out of the park, we bought EZ his first pair of ears!

Matt's dad text that night saying "This is a dividend day, enjoy it!" and I can't shake how perfect that describes it. Hallelujah for dividend days! I keep those two entrance tickets in my wallet so every time I open it I can think of that night. It sometimes surprises me how often it still makes me smile.

(We just got back from another trip, but I had to write about last year's perfect evening before I dive into this year's. The magic!)

Monday, November 10, 2014

on cleanliness and poop (always poop)

This is not a new problem but instead a perpetual problem it seems, but I can't keep our house clean. We have 1900 square feet and we only live in about 1000 or so of it most of the time because we just aren't in the basement that much... and we LIVE in every square inch. And when we're living in it, there is just no way for it to stay tidied. You know? I wonder if people just have more space than I do and can tuck their messes away? Or I also wonder if maybe I'm just really really bad at cleaning as I go - and therefore it's always messy because I don't possess the skills required to clean as I go? That's probably it. So I have moments of true cleanliness littered with days and days of cluttered mess. It was spotless last night as I went to bed, but right now from my view on the couch I have laundry hanging up to dry all along the banister, and the chairs and ottoman covered in a sheet from our fort today. And like 13 toys littered around the floor. And a diaper bag on the floor. And dishes left on the table from lunch. And a pile of blankets from the car that ended up on record player. It's just crazy. And not to mention we only have 1 main bathroom... so like we do everything in that bathroom every single day and then when guests come over they have to use it too... which is just about the worst thing ever I think. We bathe and poop and bathe the children and make-up and curl hair and everything in there. And please, come in and use our toilet while you step around dirty clothes that we forgot to pick up from this morning's shower and all the tooth paste spatter on the mirror next to the beard hair in the sink. Yes, we should clean it up. But every day all day long? I'd rather just have the mess than have to worry about cleaning it up every second. I can't function like that.

But then I know people who can't function with how I live... and I wonder if I can be taught? Pick up some new skills to actually help me with the day to day instead of piling it all up and living in filth for days before the clouds break and a ray of clean sunshine sheds down on the house (but only for a tiny bit of time. And I mean tiny.) I bet there's a book out there I should be reading.

And then there's poop. Too much of my life revolves around poop. Yours too? I bet. The world sort of revolves around poop in some form... and this week has just felt like too much poop. Sully, who has always been a very limited pooper & almost too solid when he does do it, has suddenly been hit with a stomach bug that has caused massive blow-outs for days now. And thankfully EZ uses the toilet because he's had the runs and it's just been on and on. It's fine, I know this will eventually pass... but like, I'm pooped from it. Ha! I love puns.

Sorry to talk so much about poop. I don't actually like talking about gross things, it's just life right now and so that's what I have going for us. That and puke, because we had a lot of that last week too. But funny thing is that an 8 month old's puke is still mild because he just doesn't eat that much, and a 3 year old is capable of holding a bowl and puking into it, so messes to clean up really weren't much and so I'm stuck on the poop portion and not on the puke portion which is a blessing I'm not stuck on both portions? Who knows. This is going on too long and I apologize for all the liquidy descriptions. Bodies are so gross sometimes.

And how about this photo of us from back in September? I like Sully's face the most, and you can really see EZ's sweet wonky eye in this one... but it's just us on some random day wasting the time away taking photos. It's what we do. I bet someone pooped after this too. #life