Sunday, September 10, 2017

all day outings are my jam

My best days are when I pack up the car and we go and do for at least 5-7 hours with friends or cousins. No schedule, nothing to do but play or sit or imagine. It's the best, and I've learned how to do it quite well. We push through annoying half hours, or tired/hungry kids and stay. Stay for as long as we last or maybe even pushing longer because we'll eventually find more to do if we just stay put.

Blackridge Res is one of Melina and my favorite places (and they closed it for the rest of the summer after this perfect day there because of potential bacteria in the water. Everyone was fine thank goodness, and we're so glad we got to stay and play because it was an excellent day for all.)

My Leopard Ladies attempted to gather once a week during the summer and we were pretty successful actually! One week we headed up to Ledgmere Camp site and stayed for hours playing cards and digging and throwing rocks and exploring. Kids were happy and we had a plethora of time to talk, so wins all around.

We also spent an afternoon at Classic Skating with Grandma Nell & cousins. Moses LOVED that stroller and it was the best thing I did by bringing it. He pushed it round and round the whole time and was pretty adorable when he lifted it up and over the curbs.

And one more fun day at a swimming pool with internet friends. I feel so lucky to know and love many women from different groups, and I always feel uplifted and stoked about life after we hang. And shout-out to Mo baby for sleeping wherever we went and being happy through it all. He's a fantastic kid and knows how to hang out with the best of us (even when it's not with a smile, but a reserved serious face that he's becoming famous for.) (Lisa, Annie, Danielle, Michelle, Annie, and Stacy!)


Enter a world with color and stripes
A world of impeccable shine;
Cosmic magic multiplied to delight
Eyes dance on the arc of a line.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

july july what did we do

July started out busy and pressed, but did end up somewhat chilling out toward the end. With two holidays and EZ's birthday and hot summer swimming days, it was busy. Matt worked and did his Redbeard thing when he could at nights, I hunkered down in the Mom role and we did that carefree summer life as best we could. Kids grew and everyone mostly had a good time.

We did a little Pop Star talent show for my Padre to celebrate his Bday and Father's day. Some of the kids' shyness got the better of them, but oh well! It was still a great time and we got a sibling and dad picture (and Mark, Cass, and boys were in town! We love when they're in town. And this was before Grandpa's funeral, so they had a big driving month from Kansas.)
Also, this is cute ^ with EZ and that mini loaf of bread. EZ really LOVES my sister's homemade bread, and he always talks about how much he loves Melina's bread, and so for his birthday she made him his very own mini loaf and he was ECSTATIC. He ate it one slice at a time, didn't share it with anyone, and still talks about how much he loves her bread. I really appreciate when other people love and care for my children ♡. Also, I love Matt even when he has "cool guy tips" far longer than he ever had pink hair.

Dress up and play room and the normal life of EZ and his bros. Cousins eating ice cream being rather cute together. 7 kids between us! It's great to have a sister and her babies. Also I love our adult scooters and it's not to be ironic. We use them all the time and I'm so glad we have them. Everyone should get them, they're great. 
 Reading with dad on a Sunday (and another picture of Sully sleeping when he wasn't tired.) Bubble time (Sully's hand is the best) that lasted far longer than I could have guessed. I gotta remember to do this activity again because it's super easy and keeps them interested.

 Hanging with my girl Rac for her 31st birthday! She's pretty and I'm lucky to know her. We hit 20 years of friendship next year and I'm stoked to keep it going! And our kids are so much a like and sooo different. It's awesome. Van and EZ did a rock climbing camp this summer and lived for each other and for the camp!
Stay at home mom days (after really busy days of taking new friends to libraries and running errands and doing Activity Days etc) where I got the whole house vacuumed and we watched a lot of reality ninja shows. Moses in a variety of cute states this summer. He's really good at being places and adapts well, and thankfully sleeps on the go whenever he needs it. And my long time internet blog friend Kate got married! She was a beautiful bride & she and the new husband Ryan and son moved to California. Love her. 
 Holy Moses I love this child. He doesn't always smile or warm up affectionately in social settings, but he sure lives for our family and a good time. Also the scrunched smile will always be a fan fave. EZ doing some art time while brothers were sleeping. He gets all the art stuff out by himself and creates such delightful things (but man, doesn't clean up the messes.) And a sweet sleepy cousin Naomi and another sweet cousin Paxton wide awake.

 24th Parade Preview is mostly fun every year, and each kid voted on their favorite one. We hit up Thanksgiving Point museums or garden or farm a few times a month, and July was no exception. It's busier in the summertime with all the kids out of school, but still worth it for a few hours. It's easy to misplace a kid there though, and there've been a few scary moments of searching before we round them up again (especially when Melina is there with all our kids together.) Oh! And EZ went through a phase when he would put on headphones every time we were in the car (they weren't plugged into anything) but he always looked so handsome and grown up, especially with the crossed legs.

Tyler and Marie came to town (and sadly, we missed hanging out with Jordan & Kacey because of illness!) But Matt was able to get together with all his buddies for a day when I was in AZ for a funeral, and they all got to hang and get crazy with kids everywhere. Kora, Emi, and Link in similar ages to our boys. I also went out to dinner with my gal pals for K-money's birthday and to celebrate the fact that she's making another human. We always laugh the hardest and I like them. Oh, and our neighbors Johnny and Sue moved from right across the street from us, and it's been a sad transition getting used to not seeing their happy, kind faces.
 We all hit the dentist for a visit to Dr David this month, and Matt was the only one with a return visit for some work. EZ and Sully handled the chair like bosses and we're so lucky Grandpa is the doc.
 We sadly said goodbye to our green Turtle Wagon after 5+ faithful long years with us, and we bought a new robin egg's blue Toyota camry that we're hoping will one day be EZ's first car because it'll last us that long! Matt is thrilled to have a newer car that doesn't always smell like old people & can actually go on the freeway. RIP Turtle Wagon. We sure loved you.
 Church kids, splashpad kids, and EZ attempting to ride his bike without using the training wheels (he did great a few rounds, but decided he didn't like it and got too scared. Must try again soon!) And we rescued our neighbor's dog and called ourselves the Dog Rescuerers and earned a treat from kind Diane next door. OH! And happy happy news for Josh and Heather who had a baby girl this month! Sweet Paisley is the best and we're over the moon for them.
Around EZ's birthday I took him to Wonder Woman since it was still in theaters and he LOVED it. It was a good day spent together and reminds me how important it is to do single date nights (even when it sounds like work with arranging sitters and time. it is! hop to it!)
 By the time July ended, it sort of felt like we had found a nice relaxed rhythm for summer and caught up on all the sleep we lost at the beginning of summertime.