Sunday, June 5, 2016

Prince EZ's spring performance

EZ finished off a year at Clayton Production company with a spring performance as prince charming (although... they are pirate jake costumes because apparently prince ones were hard to find ha!) His Christmas performance was a good time, and this spring one has been fun too (although a lot of time, and we have decided not to do it again next year for now.) Grandparents & some cousins came to support some of the performances (thanks everyone!) and I'm pretty sure EZ's favorite part was how many times we went out to dinner or for ice cream afterwards. He crushed his final performance (wish I had video taped that one since it was a good one!) and then for the "Someday my Prince will come" song I went on stage with him and danced him around in a circle & he said that was his favorite part. He's a sweet kid & I'm glad he liked this program and we'll see what we decide to try next year! 

*make sure the video settings are up to 1080HD for best quality!*

a dinner picnic in may

I happened to have my camera sometime in the middle of May after one of EZ's performances, so when we stopped for dinner at a park I grabbed a few pictures of that evening. It was a perfectly sprung spring day and everyone was in a fine mood and the tacos were okay and the sky was a nice blue and we actually got to chat a little bit because the boys went to play at the park in between bites and the baby was cozy'd up on my legs because he was still small enough to fit nestled right there. Just a good solid evening. 

And then I propped the camera up on our stroller and forced a timed picture. Matt and I have an agreement that I can try timed pictures twice & I get what I get. So here is what I got ;)

Sunday, May 8, 2016


he comes in sweaty from running the street with friends. he's riding a big bike with training wheels & climbing trees unprompted. he's still very cautious trying new things, but also brave & crazy & tender too. he has a very sensitive heart when he has feelings of being left out or remorse or gets injured. he got a sliver the other day and just kept saying "I'm just scared, mama!" while he was crying. he feels in a big way, and i like that about him even when i think it will cause frustration in the future. he's getting taller all the time & is skinny as a bean pole. his freckles are amazing and his cheeks are still so smooth to the kiss. he talks so much during pretend play that we end up barely playing, but he comes up with wild scenarios that are very detailed and he has to explain everything to you, so it's very distracting when i ask him to "just play." ha. i expect too much from him some days because he's the oldest, but also he can do so much by himself that sometimes i need to push him more. not yet 5 years old, but definitely entering boyhood right before our eyes.

Mo baby @ three months

Moses is a dream boy. He sleeps and eats wonderfully, and has started to sleep longer stretches at night so we're not quite zombie status every day. He has the best concerned/sad face, but has started giving sweet smiles and even a few tiny laughs lately too. He's officially three months old this week, and still mostly sleeps in our room in his bassinet, but we've been trying out the crib in the boys' room a little bit too (can we do it!? can we have three boys in ONE bedroom and get enough sleep!? haha.)

He usually is calm and can be calmed easily (unlike Sully!), but once he gets startled he's at 100. Wailing more than crying, and he does this "mom cry" that my own mother & Matt & EZ have dubbed when he sort of says "Maaaaaaaa! Maaaaaa!" and he really only wants me to snug him real tight. He definitely wants me more than my other kids in terms of "mama's boy" and looooves to be held so tight that if he's not on the verge of smothered, he's not happy enough. He calms immediately when he's tired & ready for bed if he has a soft blanket next to his cheek, and is a very silent sleeper (another reason he's still sleeping in our room, he's not really a bother.) He lives for the solly wrap because it keeps him nice and tight against me and it's sometimes the only way to get anything done with three children around. He's started smiling at EZ and Sully and it only encourages them to kiss him even more than they already do (which is sweet & still terrifying for him.)

He looks a lot like his brothers when he's asleep, but has his own look when he's awake (although he's more EZ than Sully.) His dark blue eyes are big & awake and he's looking around more and more. He startles easy & seems to have a fear of open spaces. When we're in too large of a room or he's looking outside for too long his eyes get really wide and fear overcomes him and it seems like his world has gotten too big, and the only way to calm him down is to make it smaller by holding him against my chest tightly (and I tell him he's safe & the world is small, but I'm not sure that actually helps him - it's probably more for me.) Three months already. Just speedy speedy with this third baby, but we're all obsessed and he fits right in. 

mama's day 2016

this ride is wild. chaos and love and tears and smiles and all of it making us grow and stretch and hopefully be more awesome. even the bad days end good. the good days end best. and i feel so thankful to have three healthy boys who adore me as their mama. (and matt does a great job adoring me too, and his boys since their ours and not mine i guess ;) 

added some heavenly mother to a favorite song, attended church where the messages were beautiful and loving, and then snugged each boy on and off all day for various reasons before we hung out at dee dee's. it was a lovely day (although matty bear got an insane migraine and that's sad.) oh! and i got an instant pot pressure cooker thingy for myself, so maybe i'll get down with my bad self in the kitchen this week & make some food.

Friday, April 15, 2016

ez breezy & suwwybear


These two. They are either the best of friends or worst of friends, and they know how to do both splendidly. EZ talks so much and tries to rhyme a lot of the time when making up songs. He places jokes with impeccable timing (you choose lickin'!) and has started dressing himself more often and chooses the best accessories. He likes to accessorize Sully too, so it's nice when they both have hats or necklaces and it does limit the fighting when they're on the same page (and they look CUTE.) He needs more mental stimulation now that he's 4.5, but isn't in preschool or anything so I think it sometimes expresses itself in naughtiness or boredom. He'll start preschool this fall after he turns 5 (so he'll start a year later in school), and has started writing letters more often and "spelling" words (made up like rldrlf.) Sully is just the stickiest child. He is always covered with all sorts of dirty by the end of the day and on more than one occasion has caused EZ to gag by just being covered in food. (EZ does gag easily, but when Sully charged at him covered in Cheeto hands - he just started gagging and yelling for help! ha!) They ride scooters daily and fight over lap space (especially while I'm nursing, it's a cozy way to nurse!) EZ's freckles are so great & Sully has a dozen or so of his own too. EZ's hair is getting darker brown but Sully's seems to be staying lightly red/blonde. When they talk to each other it's the best because Sully still can't be totally understood, but EZ gets it anyway (or screams at him and scares him into crying, because that happens too.) Bedtimes have finally gotten easier and they go down together with very little fight, and Sully doesn't scream or wake up as much as he used to (thank goodness.) I like when they're homies.

bienvenido a miami

Matt was invited to teach a workshop in Miami so Mos and I tagged along to hang out and get some hot & humid temperatures on our skin (the sun has never been so bright!) He was an amazing little travel companion and charmed all the people (also, I love leaving UT because everyone loves babies so much more since it's special & not common and mundane like here.) We walked all over Miami, hung out with Alisa (from the school) and talked all about Cuba, visited the Freedom Tower, hit up South Beach for a morning, watched a lot of HGTV, and I even snuck in a trip with my long time blog friend Robin to the Shake Shack! We had a very nice trip and I even made a video with the most unique song you've ever heard about Miami ;)