Friday, April 15, 2016

ez breezy & suwwybear


These two. They are either the best of friends or worst of friends, and they know how to do both splendidly. EZ talks so much and tries to rhyme a lot of the time when making up songs. He places jokes with impeccable timing (you choose lickin'!) and has started dressing himself more often and chooses the best accessories. He likes to accessorize Sully too, so it's nice when they both have hats or necklaces and it does limit the fighting when they're on the same page (and they look CUTE.) He needs more mental stimulation now that he's 4.5, but isn't in preschool or anything so I think it sometimes expresses itself in naughtiness or boredom. He'll start preschool this fall after he turns 5 (so he'll start a year later in school), and has started writing letters more often and "spelling" words (made up like rldrlf.) Sully is just the stickiest child. He is always covered with all sorts of dirty by the end of the day and on more than one occasion has caused EZ to gag by just being covered in food. (EZ does gag easily, but when Sully charged at him covered in Cheeto hands - he just started gagging and yelling for help! ha!) They ride scooters daily and fight over lap space (especially while I'm nursing, it's a cozy way to nurse!) EZ's freckles are so great & Sully has a dozen or so of his own too. EZ's hair is getting darker brown but Sully's seems to be staying lightly red/blonde. When they talk to each other it's the best because Sully still can't be totally understood, but EZ gets it anyway (or screams at him and scares him into crying, because that happens too.) Bedtimes have finally gotten easier and they go down together with very little fight, and Sully doesn't scream or wake up as much as he used to (thank goodness.) I like when they're homies.

bienvenido a miami

Matt was invited to teach a workshop in Miami so Mos and I tagged along to hang out and get some hot & humid temperatures on our skin (the sun has never been so bright!) He was an amazing little travel companion and charmed all the people (also, I love leaving UT because everyone loves babies so much more since it's special & not common and mundane like here.) We walked all over Miami, hung out with Alisa (from the school) and talked all about Cuba, visited the Freedom Tower, hit up South Beach for a morning, watched a lot of HGTV, and I even snuck in a trip with my long time blog friend Robin to the Shake Shack! We had a very nice trip and I even made a video with the most unique song you've ever heard about Miami ;)


Two days ago Matt and I celebrated 9 years of marriage. Nine! What a party. I like how just re-living the memories of our wedding & our previous anniversaries make the day giddy & wonderful no matter what we're actually doing.  I wrote this on IG with the picture below "one for his desk, one for my fridge. happy 9 years Matticus! last year we were in Disneyland eating at Club 33 and this year we barely snuck in a sushi lunch date in between regular life. big or small, it's a damn pleasure to celebrate our bloomin' nuptials together, loverpants." And that about sums it up. I'm glad he's mine and I'm his and that we have three nuggets to call our own too (and one that's small enough to sleep through our date! thanks Mo!)

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter weekend!

It's funny how much Easter turns into bunnies and eggs and candy with kids around, all while trying to point to Jesus and His story and make it more important than the other stuff (yet it all sort of merges into one experience when there's eggs at church and Jesus movies at home and I wonder what actually comes out on the other side of their memories/brains.)

We had a fantastic weekend together and the house is a wreck & we're all sleeping off the sugar today as we come down from the festivities. Dyeing & eating hard boiled eggs, scavenger & egg hunts, new bug nets & toy light sabers, attended church for the 1st time with all 5 of us - and stayed the whole time, even if the adults didn't want to ;) It was a full weekend and left us feeling very grateful. So much to be grateful for in this big world.
 and then Mo woke up and they were all nekked and I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF (and neither can they with their baby.)

hahahahhahaha ^^^ this is so nuts but I bet so many parents' camera rolls look like this.

 Easter last year looked similar with how much EZ snugs his hermanos, no? Sully's exact face! (but as you can also see, he's taking to snuggin' his newest brother just fine.)

Easter dinner & party at Melina's house with all the cousins, delicious food, and egg hunt, and Grandma Nell making a customized bear (she used actual old shirts!) for each kid. It was a VERY fun night for all!

All 5 of us. I like seeing pictures like this because sometimes it's unbelievable that we have three boys, but then I see this and I'm so stoked! They're so great! And have such great facial expressions!

st. patty's strikes again

they placed a rainbow on our table instead of lucky charms, but definitely still turned our milk green! those sneaky little leprechauns. we also hit the library for some story time & had stew for dinner. oh! and some gold coins found through-out the day and even some from a neighbor leprechaun through the fence!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

ez says

We went to Bed Bath and Beyond tonight to get some duvet cover clips because I've HAD it with duvets! So maybe this will salvage my relationship with my covers. (Also! We tried the "California Roll" technique with getting the cover on - and it works! google it!) But while we were there we checked out the Star Wars section & the boys went nuts over all the stuff. After asking for everything they picked up, EZ earnestly walks over and asks for a Star Wars blanket. He's needed a new one since he's four and a half & still using his baby blanket & it's too short for his long, lean legs.

We asked him if he really wanted to sleep with it, because yes we would buy it for him if he was sure. He cautiously looks up at us with his pointer finger on his chin and says "Let me warm up to the idea." I don't know if it was actually funny or just parent-funny, but Matt and I thought it was great. He's just such a funny kid & always uses such great words and phrases, I hope we don't forget too many of his good ones.

*Update!* He came out of his room the next morning and said, "Mom! My new blanket kept me as warm as the sun! All night!" He's so enthusiastic and great. (He also says "I'm as tired as the moon!" at night when he wants us to carry him to his bed. I like that one.)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

one month of Moses!

Moses is great. So great. Right now he's sleeping next to me in his bassinet and sometimes I can see it rock back and forth quite violently because he's doing some head shaking while asleep. Oh, and pretend sucking too, so his lips pucker on and off too and it's all too sweet. 

He fits right in to the Thorup scene because he looks like us and allows all the smothering we want. (I write that like he has a choice! Sucker!) He sucks his bottom lip in just like both his brothers, and is mostly grumpy/concerned most of the time. Just this week I've caught two smiles, but mostly he's concerned. Even while sleeping I can't coax a milk drunk smile or anything, so he either knows how close his brothers constantly are and is terrified, or he's just a hard sell. 

Matt made his birth announcement so I can keep it on my fridge forever just like the other two. We spent each night just staring at how cute he is and kissing his face over and over.

Sully calls him "Mo baby" in his tiny 2 year old voice, and EZ has taken to calling him "Mosey." They are still very obsessed with him and I rarely get to nurse him without having both of us mauled by hands and kisses. Mos has been a champion eater & sleeper, and besides having some goopy eyes from clogged tear ducts for a few weeks, has been easy. He's sweet and not fussy and is easily comforted. He's a lot like EZ was as a baby and actually looks more like him than Sullivan as well. He loves the solly wrap when he's snugged tight, until he's ready to be out and then he does his high squeaky cry that I remember from the first few days at the hospital. His acne is coming in right on time, and maybe some cradle cap too. He doesn't love bathing yet, but is calm and alert when he showers with one of us. 

 Always so concerned (and red! he's such a red skinned baby still!) Oh, and furry too! His shoulders and ears are impressively hairy.
He's already been out and about a lot in his little life because the other kids need activities. So we library or zoo or park regularly, and he so far has just been chill and wonderful through it all. I even took him to a really loud Alison Show dance party last night and he just slept through it all in my wrap and was just the cutest. Thankfully my recovery has been SO much better than my other two births, so I'm living it up that I feel so good after such a short time! I can see how women can have more babies and get up and walk around quicker, this 2nd VBAC has been good to me!

Oh baby Moses. I'm so glad you're around.