Tuesday, January 9, 2018

happy new year!

We spent a nice Sunday cleaning our entire house (and the Saturday before too) in an attempt to rid our house of all the sicknesses that plagued us over Christmas and rested up for a party over at the Payne's residence. We played some games and ate some food and ended with a horn-blowing-terrible-idea by me where it nearly broke our ear drums because all of the children screaming into those horns at our 10PM countdown. Nielsens swept the giftcard standing competition, I was pretty damn good at Linkee (and Matt was really not ha!), Meg and CJ brought the heavenly guac, and Krystal nearly cramped up with her impressive one leg skills as she's 8+ months pregnant (and Devin worried about her.) A

 I look at these pictures and I still see us in the post-sickness haziness. We didn't do much on New Year's Day as we had already done most of the cleaning and getting ready to get back to work & school.

Oooh and Matt and I actually made it to Midnight just in time for the countdown and our 12 grapes and a lil smoochie smooch before we passed out tired. Grape pictures are really flattering on our faces. I like this guy.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

december december what did we do

Besides all the Christmas activities from beginning to end, here is a synopsis of all the other stuff that happened in December. On December 1st we bought a new furnace & AC unit and they finished installation on the 4th. That took a chunk out of our end of year plans, but it's nice to have our house warmer and know it's not shooting carbon into it! haha. It was legit 30 years old so it was definitely time and we're glad we had some money saved up for it. 

We also celebrated cousin Henry's 3rd birthday with the cutest little digger party, and spent some time at the libraries and I even took the kids out to eat (at terrible arby's and it was gross. but EZ likes it so I guess that was what we went for since he got a "good student" discount.) And the light was incredible for a family selfie. Also my girl Megan got a dog this year and I took a little picture of her kids and dog Winston for their Christmas card. 
Favorite tree & favorite Hamilton ornament. The kids were all wearing a shade of maroon for church one week so I forced a picture and it went okay. And the Thorup boys got together to help organize their family photos as a gift for their parents. We got through half of them and have plans to tackle the rest (and then scan and book them) within the year of Sunday dinners.
Okay, so Moses and Sully have more time alone together since EZ has been at school, and it's been equal parts awesome and sassy. They hang together and fight so much but also they get in such trouble so it's cute too. Sully always helps Mo take off his clothes and get into food ... and Moses just does anything with Suwwee!  Sullivan graduated from nursery into Primary, so we had a little picture and celebration on their last Sunday together. I'm glad they're buddies and I guess I'll keep cleaning up their messes if they keep being bros. Also Sully & his nursery buds is awesome because they're all friends and I like their moms too!
Brothers in a bath. They're getting too big for it but I'll keep it going. Also Mo does this "muscle" face where he squishes it all up and swings his fists around ... it's awesome. I like them. Also they play nearly naked ninjas and it almost always turns into actually naked ninjas but oh well, it's nice to run around and be random and free with your bros.
 Moses & his friend Frances, we took EZ to Star Wars with us (so many feelings about this. A little good and a lot negative but also, it was enjoyable as long as you don't dive too deeply into theory), and we also took a night to make a gingerbread house. We also did a little "Christmas club playdate" right before we got sick for the holidays, so the kids had a good time and it was fun to do something official.
Another successful year of book club! I even wore my Stranger Things sweater to be extra festive. Not our favorite year of books, but always favorite way to spend time together. I also spent a morning with my girl Lisa (and then lunch with Michelle!) and we had a great time catching up and doing some can organizing service. She's great and conversations are great and I'm thankful for our friendship this year. Also Matt has been doing this cyborg thing to help his migraines and the wire sends some electricity to his nerves and it's helping with his migraines, so we're trying it some more to ring in the new year.

We went to Crystal Hot Springs on the 30th to try to do one fun activity before winter break was over, and it was our best day. We all had smiles and the tubs were warm and it was a nice end to the year.