Tuesday, February 2, 2016

a lil' Disney trip last month!

We went to Disneyland two weeks ago because we needed some sunshine & some excitement while we waited for this baby. Plus! We had some nice employee coupons that would have expired had we not used them! I'm a sucker for coupons! 

So here's a family video and some pictures from our trip. Highlight was having so many friends there at the same time! Kacey & Jordan (with Tatum & Cal) are the best! We couldn't have planned a better trip even if we tried with them! Plus we had Brett & Julie join us for a day as well as Johnny & Melyssa's crew, so I'm so glad I booked a hotel a few days beforehand and we just went! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Dee Dee turns 90!!

Everyone in the whole world loves Dee Dee, and it was SO FUN to make a film for her 90th Birthday! Her kids threw a huge surprise party that was phenomenal, and we really party'd hard to celebrate the best woman we'll ever know. Just watch the video of her & you'll love her too! (And a tribute to her from her kids too!)

Our January 2K16

Just some phone snaps of our January while it's fresh. And since ya know, I'm just waiting for this baby... which is proving to be one of THE MOST difficult things to do. Sincerely, my patience has never been stretched so thin and I just want my baby on my chest & a few days away from my other children so I can stop being so un-patient with them. I mean, am I being dramatic? YES, OF COURSE I AM. I'm 39 weeks pregnant and measuring much riper... and life has some stuff in store but it can't get started until this baby comes so I'm just ready and so is our household. Okay, deep breath. I'm so thankful he's healthy and comfortable and I will continually pray for him to get out now. 

So... in no particular order: Selfies at midnight since we all made it while partying at a friend's house (after over an our of Cards of Humanity... embarrassed face//cry laugh face emojis.) Tired, pregnant selfies with my boys while we just survive this month. Sleeping selfies & Sully's caveman feet. He's such a baby still, but I know he'll feel huge once the new one gets here. 

Dress-up game is still strong over here, and Sully's REALLY picked up on his posing. Also we're still attempting arts & crafts and it's super hilarious how different they behave. Sully is all game for messiness and EZ won't even spill a drop on himself or anything. 

Birthday month was strong! Special Grandma Dee Dee turned 90!! She's the best. And Matt turned 31!! And my BFFs baby girl Olive Rae was born too! So lots of reasons to celebrate in January!
Oh Sully. He's such a punk around bedtime still... we'll never know how to tame the beast I fear. But oooooooh he's cute (especially with a hair cut.) And occasionally when they're not being the worst, these two boys are real nice brothers. EZ likes them to match their clothes or PJs & they're really attempting to play more, which gives us some hope for the future of best friendship. (Please bless they will love each other.)  
And now we can start this love month and have a baby SOON? Yes, please!

Video: December & Christmas Morn!

It's February 1st! Which means it's as good of time as any to post a video from Christmas! Oh yeah.  I sat down and finished it today since it's not like I was going into labor or anything with this baby... SIGH. DEEP HUGE SIGH. We had such a nice Christmas season and I'm so thankful I caught so much of it on camera. Love these boos. (Now please help this other one to make his way out!)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

christmas morn 2015

I have a lot of video footage of our day that I'm editing together, but I don't have as many photos because of it. It's hard to pay attention to capturing moments when you're trying to stay IN them, and especially capture video and photos at the same time. But oh! Christmas! It's always a good time. We had an especially memorable one with tons of beautiful snow & some clever presents (haha... & a foiled prank) between Matt and myself. The boys were stoked about their ATVs, but haven't really had a chance to drive them too much because of the aforementioned snow (but it's okay, we'll take snow on Christmas any chance we can get it!!) They cruise around the garage and driveway a little every day, and of course have plenty of other toys to keep them entertained. Favorites were definitely the bikes, the door basketball hoop, and new train & helicopter toys. Matt and I both have our wrists adorned with an apple product now, and some nice practical gifts too. I set a goal to earn all the Christmas budget by making videos for people, and by golly, I did it! So I was especially proud of that & also extra thankful for Matt and his hard work over the last year to continue paying off any accrued debt & send us on a few vacations this year too. We hope everyone had wonderful celebrations with their loved ones & had some quiet moments to think about the Savior's birth & the love that we can show for each other. Merry Christmas! 
Oh, and this elephant picture was one of the only ones I took at my in-law's house, but it's worth sharing because of his face. We love new dress-ups! 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

i hope this trend continues

the snow storm last week is what i think winter should be like every year. if it's going to be cold & gray, it may as well be cold & white and covered in snow!! matt had the day off so we spent some quality time outside until noses were too cold & then we let him finish all the heavy shoveling.

Friday, December 18, 2015

EZ's Christmas Performances!

We decided to channel EZ's natural stage presence & showmanship into a singing & dancing class this year (since we didn't do preschool or anything else with a schedule.) So once a week he's been going to his class & learning cute reindeer songs to perform during this Christmas season. They've performed 3 times (two different malls & the Dickens Festival) and will have their final company performance this weekend. These performances have been full of super proud & fun parenting moments as he's been pumped for every concert & has done things a little differently at each one too ;) 4 year olds! They're hilarious and adorable and they don't even KNOW how much everyone enjoys watching them. He's such a ham up there & also switches from being super serious & coordinated to being completely distracted by lights or the girls dancing next to him. And when he launches his antlers into the audience during the Dickens Festival performance is something we'll never forget. Just SO funny. (Also, we lost his glasses! So he had them for the first show & not for the rest. We're ordering another pair next week though since he still needs them as of his eye appointment this week.)

(oh, and Sully has loved watching most of them and then does stuff like this ^ in between too, ha!)