Wednesday, December 13, 2017

go go halloween! power rangers 2017!

things i want to remember about this year:
the boys' undying love to power rangers and the commitment to this costume idea.
Samurai Power Rangers!
The mask making with Matt & the boys. It was fun for everyone & everyone helped.
EZ's enthusiasm and happy face during the school parade (he waved and waved!)
Sully and Moses playing nicely together while EZ was at school.
Visiting David at work to show off the 'stumes.
eating lunch with Matt and doing some trick or treating in the office (and Mo baby walking to every pumpkin happily confused when he got to pick a treat. and he kept going back to the easy ones he could reach even if it was the third or fourth time.)
Sully's enthusiasm for the Gatorade bottle.
after lunch cuddles and rest time on the couch.
delicious pork & rice dinner (and coaxing sully on every bite.)
the ninja fighting noises they made when in costume.
the beautiful pink sky before trick or treating.
Easton's happiness all night long for every part of the holiday.
they carried their own buckets and ran from house to house.
big smiles on all of the adults watching and sneaking reese's and almond joys.
Matt's pride about his lights syncing to music.
Josh fitting into a child's costume.
Emily and Jake & cute cowboy Paxton.
the rave with the finger flashlights to Thriller (fave part probably.)
Moses gettin' down to the beat the entire time.
Sully full on break dancing on the floor.
so many laughs.
good night hugs.
cuddles and Stranger Things.


There are so many good reasons to get on our big bed and snugg and we take them anytime we can. These were all from October, so imagine the amount we dedicate to this all year long!
Post nap-time faces for me and the Sully bear. He's my twin in so many ways and I love having some time during the day while EZ is at school to hang (or sleep!) with him.
We've found a family passion for the new Duck Tales series and it's a big ta-dah around here with ritual and family cuddle puddles and singing of the theme song loudly and proudly. A-woo-oooo!
And these are just cute because #sleepingbaby and #hermanos. Moses is starting to look so big in his crib as he's lengthening (he's nearing EZ's milestones and surpassing Sully's height/weight at mile markers.)

a hospital stay

Our Moses boy started showing signs of labored breathing on a Sunday morning the week before Halloween, and by the afternoon he was lethargic and gasping for each breath. After a call to our favorite resident Brock and some back and forth between me and Matt (he being the cautious one, me being the 'it's probably fine' one), I headed to Riverton Primary's to check into the ER. They put him on Oxygen and his breathing improved almost immediately thankfully!

But his stats were still low and he was still pretty sick (they actually took a chest X-ray because they thought it was pneumonia by listening to his breathing and weighing his symptoms), and after 2.5 hours in the ER we were moved upstairs to a room of our own and an unknown timeframe of how long we'd be there. He was put on High Flow O2 at 100% and stayed on it for nearly 24 hours (Sunday evening thru Monday night.) 
Thankfully after the 24 hours he was in such high spirits & kept his appetite & drinking up and everything about him seemed regular sick & not elevated sick, that they decreased the High Flow down to 25% by Tuesday, then Tuesday afternoon down to 10%, and then that evening they took him completely off oxygen to see how his levels stayed for 2 hours, and then let him sleep that night with only 4 hour interruptions (instead of every hour waking the poor pup up!) and they let us go home on Wednesday morning with a pink eye'd kid with a cold! Super grateful it wasn't a longer stay, very very thankful Matt could take off work and be with our other boys while I manned the hospital, and also for excellent insurance to help us curb so many of the costs. We left feeling grateful and a nice perspective reminder for healthy bodies and healthy babies.

This was actually our first ever overnight stay at a hospital except for actually delivering a baby, so although we don't want to repeat it, it was a learning experience and a humbling one too. Sure grateful and love that Mo baby a lot a lot.